Project Portfolio

This page contains information on a brief selection of current projects, with links to pages where more information on these projects can be found. 

A full list of my publications is found at:

More projects and research results are described on the Linköping University home page for my research division, Media and Information Tecnology, as well as the home page for the Scientific Visualization unit

Current Project Highlights


In this flagship project we are developing an open source software with the ambition be able to browse the whole universe in dome theatres as well as on laptops at home or in schools. Research on rendering of atmospheres and planetary surfaces are recent additions. 

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Visualization of and for AI

In this project we make use of visualisation to try to understand the very high dimensional spaces of weights in a trained neural network.  The project combines research on machine learning and research on data visualisation and interaction.

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Visualization in Chemistry and Biology

We have several projects on visualization in chemistry and biology. Currently we are working on visual data analysis of molecular dynamics simulations, visual environments for Cryo-EM data, and support for analys of large and complex genomics data. 

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Science Communication Projects

In my role as director of the Norrköping Visualizaiton Center C, I am involved in and heading several projects ranging from the large scale National WISDOME project to small scale projects developing installations in public spaces. An undercurrent of these projects is the notion of Exploranation - which denotes a combination of exploration and explanation. Using the same hardware, data, and even software that researchers use, visitors to a public space can themselves explore the unknown and gain insights. Our research on science communication is focused on facilitating this process and helps in "short cutting" the distance between researchers and the general public. 


Funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation, the WISDOME project has the mission to enable a national reach of the unique dome content developed at the Norrköping Visualization Center C. As a part of the project the Norrköping dome was upgraded to a world class facility in 2019 and affiliated domes are being constructed in Umeå, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. The content for all domes are produced by the Visualization Center. Two WISDOME productions have so far been released: Making Magic and VAST 3D.


The exploranation concept is based on a sequence of basic research projects with a range of applications. The first example of exploranation was based on the development of volumetric rendering in medicine. The research prototypes were implemented on touch tables in 2009 leading to first "Medical Visualization Table" which is now used in medical practise as the Sectra Medical Visualization Table. It is also found in museums all over the world as a product from our spin-off company Interspectral AB.